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eSilver Tour Exploitation Package

The Exploitation Package is a repository of insights, strategies, and practical tools designed to empower organizations, professionals, and stakeholders in the silver tourism industry. We've taken all the important parts of our project and put them in one place to help you succeed in this growing industry.

What does the Exploitation Package offer?

  • Learning materials: access to digital marketing courses and all the supporting material tailored to silver tourism.
  • Different learning and training options aligned to various needs.
  • Key needs analysis findings: research on the silver tourism market and the unique needs of the industry.
  • Networking opportunities: contacts of like-minded professionals and organizations in the silver tourism ecosystem.

Who can benefit?

Whether you're a senior people organization, a tourism professional, an entrepreneur, a teacher, or anyone interested in the silver tourism industry, this exploitation package may be important for you. It is a valuable resource for:

  • Senior people organizations staff who want to develop touristic products for their users/clients as well as students active in tourism.
  • Tourism professionals, entrepreneurs, and those staff of tourism SMEs that want to be specialized in Silver Tourism.
  • Training service providers who are willing to introduce silver tourism in their training programmes.

An exploitation package combining all the eSilver Tour project achievements in one place and tailored to different user needs is available in EN, FR, GR, ES, PT, and LT languages can be found here:

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