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Partnership Meeting in Portugal

13 July 2023

The eSilver Tour project meeting took place on July 12th in Lisbon, uniting attendees from both physical and virtual settings to deliberate on essential project progress points. A major focus was on the status of IO3, the eSilver Tour Platform. Partners received recommendations for platform improvements, particularly regarding its technical features and usability for senior users. Challenges such as registration issues and password problems were identified, prompting discussions on potential solutions. A detailed pilot report from 50+ Hellas was discussed, and AidLearn committed to addressing the recommendations for platform improvements by August 15.

Additionally, the meeting covered various aspects of project exploitation. Partners reviewed the draft Exploitation Package, which was created by Tech-Park Kaunas. The concept was validated, and partners were given deadlines for reviewing and translating the package. The meeting also addressed Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) agreements and sustainability declarations. The meeting concluded with discussions on quality reports, project evaluations, dissemination activities, ensuring that the project continued to progress smoothly.

It was the final partnership meeting before the project finalization in September.

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