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A Successful silver tourism offer, which has attracted many French seniors

06 June 2022

Some countries are better prepared than others for Silver Tourism. This is particularly the case in Tunisia. For example, the Seabel Rym Beach hotel in Djerba (Tunisia) is entirely adapted to senior customers. It offers infrastructures and activities that are perfectly in line with the expectations of the Silver client.

For many years, the Seabel Rym Beach Hotel in Djerba has been a resort for retirees during the winter months for long stays. It has developed a concept combining comfort, entertainment and quality catering. The quality being with the appointment, many pensioners do not hesitate to call upon our services to return during several years.

This hotel in Djerba, known for its long stays in winter, has developed a real know-how concerning the reception of retired people, who from November to April represent on average not less than 1000 senior clients.

This hotel has therefore devised a specific programme, the "Seabel Golden Age", which is perfectly suited to the expectations of an older public. At once fun, sporty and cultural, this programme includes adapted gym and walks. A more cultural touch is added thanks to its "study tours", which focus on local history and culture and include cultural outings and visits. Another positive point is that the Seabel Rym Beach accepts pets weighing less than 5 kg at no extra charge.

So even if the price is high (1100€/pers.), a retiree with an average pension in France can very well save up for just a month or two to afford it, and enjoy it without worrying about the organisation because everything is included. Excursions are of course offered at extra cost, but the added value of this offer is that the stay can be perfectly successful without subscribing to it.

One formula works well with seniors: the "all inclusive" formula, which includes 3 meals, 3 themed buffets per week, late breakfast, afternoon tea.

The Seabel Golden ages activity programme (especially created and designed for seniors) also offers a lot of activities that fit for 55+ customers:

  • 3 Tunisian cooking classes per week.
  • 3 Oriental dance classes per week.
  • Latino dance classes every day.
  • Dance competitions with prizes for the winners.
  • Sports tournaments with prizes for the winners.
  • Special "Golden Age" aqua gym every morning in the hotel's indoor pool.
  • 1 free hammam session.
  • 3 themed buffets (Tunisian, Italian and fisherman) including one candlelit buffet per week.
  • Sick bay at the hotel open from 10am to 5pm and doctor on request.
  • Card game area open all day.
  • An afternoon dance with tea, coffee and pastries.
  • Screening of a documentary on Tunisia
  • An outing to the Djerba Casino (transfer provided to and from the hotel)
  • A trekking trip once a week
  • Cake offered if the birthday coincides with the period of stay.

The hotel has a partnership with websites frequently consulted by French seniors to choose their holiday destinations, such as The website is another example of a best French marketing practice aimed at senior citizens. Its attractive descriptions are combined with selected tourist offers for seniors.


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