The Project Progress: Digital Marketing B-Learning Course

11 May 2022

Digital marketing concepts are constantly changing with new technology, apps, social media platforms and search engine updates. Rapid developments make it difficult to come up with a long-term strategy that works for the determined target audience.

Consequently, it is crucial to increase knowledge in Digital marketing. There is a demand for people with digital skills in most business sectors. Sticking with ongoing scope in this area, eSilver Tour Digital marketing training course will deliver all the basics of digital marketing and, on top of that, introduce to how to adapt the knowledge to the seniors’ tourism sector specifics that you are in.

Project partnership is almost finished developing 8 modules which now needs to be transferred online. The learning platform will be launched in Autumn 2022 and the training will be delivered using blended approach.

The eSilver Tour course will empower participants to become an eSilver Tourism Expert, specialist in Digital Marketing and to address the core needs of Silver Tourism.

8 learning modules will feature a range of relevant topics: will allow to develop competencies in Silver Tourism, Digital Marketing and Active Ageing.

To engage practical activities, the last module will be delivered in a form of a Workbook aligned with the educational modules. The Workbook will include self-reflective questions and assignments designed to get the learner think and reflect, and to lay the groundwork for ideating, creating and developing a digital marketing strategy for Silver Tourism initiatives. It will be proposed to use the Workbook after each module and complete the parts that relate to that module, or to work through the entire eSilver Tour course first and then use the workbook.

At this stage, we are quite close to presenting the course to the wider audience. You can track the progress of the platform development by following us on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Photo credit: Mikael Blomkvist from Pexels

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