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XIV Virtual Partnership Meeting

11 Σεπτεμβρίου 2023

During the virtual meeting held on September 11, 2023, within the context of the eSilver Tour project, various important topics were outlined. One of the key points of discussion centered around the status of the IO3 e-learning platform, where adjustments had been made specifically for the French and Portuguese versions. Partners were encouraged to participate in the review process to ensure a harmonized version across all languages.

The exploitation of the results of IO3 involved completing an evaluation questionnaire, which was sent out by EOLAS. The status of the IPR Agreement was also discussed. Dissemination activities and deadlines were reviewed, including the ongoing work on the Exploitation Package and the final newsletter, both due by the end of September. Monitoring and evaluation activities, management report tasks were also addressed as the project ends on September 30, 2023. A final meeting for reviewing the last documents and inputs was scheduled for October 16.

For now, we invite you to start using the valuable results produced by the project, check out the information on the project website, and contact us if you need help – we are here to assist!

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